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All-on-4 Implant Supported Dentures

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Replacing missing teeth used to mean only restoring those parts of the smile visible above the gum line. Unfortunately, this lead to minimal stability for the replacement teeth and did not provide the proper stimulation to promote the retention of jawbone density and gum tissue volume. Dental implants have dramatically changed the standard in care for tooth replacement. These implant posts positioned below the gum line mimic the lost tooth roots, creating optimal stability for the replacement tooth and providing the necessary stimulation to maintain jawbone density and gum tissue volume. Unfortunately, many patients who experience advanced tooth loss do not have enough supportive bone and soft tissue to support the dental implants necessary to anchor a denture. That’s where the innovative All-on-4 procedure comes in. This implant supported denture placement method uses the naturally denser portions of the jaw to support an entire denture without the need for more invasive preparatory procedures like bone and soft tissue grafting. Contact Exceptional Dentistry of Shepherdsville to find out more or schedule a consultation appointment with our skilled dentist and experienced team.

What is All-on-4?

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All-on-4 is an innovative implant supported denture method. Rather than placing dental implants along the jawline, All-on-4 strategically positions implant posts to make use of the naturally denser parts of the jawbone at the front of the mouth to provide support for the entire denture. Two implants are placed vertically in the jaw to support the front of the denture, and two are placed diagonally to support the back of the denture and implant into the front of the mouth.

Who Should Consider All-on-4?

Any patient who is missing one or both full rows of teeth should consider the All-on-4 procedure. Ideal candidates for All-on-4 include those who:

  • Are in basically good health
  • Are committed to completing the process, which can take months
  • May have diminished jawbone density due to tooth loss

What Should I Expect During All-on-4 Treatment?

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All-on-4 treatment is a surgical procedure, so you will need to discuss this treatment with your physician to ensure you are healthy enough to safely undergo the procedure. Once we’re sure you’re a good candidate for the procedure, the treatment itself is actually fairly conservative. We make small incisions in the gum line. Then, the implant post is positioned into the jawbone. A protective cap is attached to the implant post to allow the implant to fuse with the gum and jawbone but prevent the soft tissue from closing over the implant site. Once the implants are fused with your supportive structure, a permanent denture is attached to the implants using abutment pieces.

Benefits of All-on-4 Dentures

Patients who move forward with All-on-4 implant supported denture treatment can expect a variety of benefits, including:

Senior woman pointing to teeth
  • Improved denture stability. Removable denture wearers retain about 20% of their natural chewing ability. Patients who receive All-on-4 implant dentures have 70% or more of their chewing function renewed.
  • Longer lasting restoration. Many patients are able to maintain their All-on-4 denture for the rest of their lives, and the vast majority of patients maintain their denture for at least two decades.
  • Natural looking and feeling restoration. These implant supported dentures will not have an over large or unnatural appearance that can occur with removable prosthetics, giving patients more confidence to eat, speak, and smile in any setting.