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Shepherdsville Aetna Dental Insurance Coverage

Mother, father and two children outdoorsWe know our Shepherdsville families invest in their dental insurance benefits, and the Exceptional Dentistry team is here to help you make the most of insurance coverage. We offer affordable dentistry services to help patients achieve and maintain their healthiest smiles and receive the care they need with the lowest out of pocket treatment costs. We are happy to process and file dental insurance claims for most preferred provider organization (PPO) plans, and we offer in-network coverage for many of the most popular local plans, including Aetna insurance. If you have coverage through Aetna or any other PPO benefit provider, please let us know when you call to schedule an appointment. We will be happy to help you understand your policy and get started maximizing benefits from your very first visit in our Shepherdsville dental office.

Your Dental Benefits

Dental benefit forms

Your Aetna benefit plan is a personal agreement between you and your insurer. That means we’ll need to examine your policy before offering specific estimates of your out of pocket treatment costs. However, patients can typically receive some combination of the following benefits from their Aetna plans:

  • Preventive care covered 80 to 100%
  • Restorative treatment covered 50 to 80%
  • Orthodontics covered 20 to 70% (when elected)
  • Miscellaneous services like mouthguards and dental sedation covered 20 to 50%

How to Make the Most of Insurance Coverage

Woman in dental chair receiving treatment

In order to maximize your Aetna dental insurance coverage, we recommend you keep the following tips in mind:

  • Keep up with your regular six month dental exams and teeth cleanings to prevent the need for more advanced dentistry services
  • Let your dental team know right away if you have Aetna dental benefits, so they can help you maximize coverage
  • Request coverage preapproval or preauthorization for more advanced treatments to ensure you will receive the benefits you deserve
  • Visit an in-network dentist for all of your treatments to ensure you have the lowest out of pocket treatment costs

In-Network VS Out of Network Dental Care

Man and dentist reviewing dental x-rays

If you have a PPO dental insurance plan, you likely know that these policies are created in order to offer flexibility, allowing patients to choose their dentist and dental services while still receiving some insurance coverage. When you visit an in-network provider with your PPO plan, you know you’ll receive the most insurance coverage and lowest out of pocket payments. These in-network dental offices agree to charge fees that fall within your insurer’s fair and average pricing. The dental insurance providers will offer a percentage of coverage for treatments up to their fair price. Out of network dental offices may charge fees that are higher than the insurers fair pricing, but you’ll need to pay the difference in price as well as the out of pocket percentage of treatment costs. While most out of network dentists do their utmost to offer affordable treatments that will fit within your insurer’s pricing, when you choose an in-network dentist, you know you’ll have the lowest possible treatment costs.